Saturday, 22 October 2011

x factor usa auditions 2011 2012?


x factor usa auditions are now over with the final judges houses show, and soon to start will be the usa x factor live shows, i think they might be starting this thursday on fox tv.

should be good not sure how they will get all shows in quick enough before christmas time, as there will be 16 acts needing to be voted off over the next weeks, i think there will be multiple vote off's where more then one act leaves the contest each episoide.

or at least on some of the episodes multiple acts will leave, they have to do this just to get the number of acts down, otherwise x factor would run too close to christmas if they did not do this.

not sure on how long the american x factor will run, whether they run it right up close to december the 25th or not, x factor usually finishes a few weeks before christmas usually.

and will the x factor usa winner for 2011 get the christmas number one and into the new year 2012 on the usa charts, in the uk the x factor winner usually gets christmas number one so i think it is possible that the same could happen with the winner of x factor usa but you never know.

if they do not do well in the american pop charts at christmas number one and the new year in 2012, will there be a x factor auditions 2012 usa?, or will the x factor usa end after one series?.

that would be a shame if it did, what needs to happen at the moment is the viewing figures to pick up, at the moment the viewing figures are not so good for x factor usa, but then when it get's into the live shows this could all change.

the live shows might get the viewing figures up for x factor usa, but if there is a big slump with viewing figures there might not even be a x factor 2012 usa competition, but i doubt it, due to how successful x factor is in other countries, but usa so far the show has not taken off.

you will no near the end of the current series of x factor usa if it is back on tv the following year if they release application forms for x factor usa 2012 at the end of the current series of the american x factor, in a few short months time.