Saturday, 8 October 2011

x factor start time for live show saturday 8th october 2011 and sunday 9th october results show judges vote no phone votes the twist

another new start time for x factor's first live show tonight, on saturday the 8th of october 2011, x-factor is starting early tonight and finishing late for its first live edition, (explained further down the twist means no public phone vote, but the judges vote one of there acts off each on sunday's x factor results show).

this is the time you need to set your alarms for and be ready to watch x factor tonight on 8-10-2011

x factor start and finish times for first live show are

7:30pm until 10pm

the sunday start and finish time for the new x factor voting part of the show, which is said to be going to be done by the x factor judges on the first live show, with the x factor twist for the first live x factor programme, well sundays start and finish time is

sunday 9th october 2011 at 8pm until 9pm

so just a quick x factor results show there with, for the first edition a judge having to eliminate 1 of there acts each, this is what the x factor twist was all about!.

there is no public phone vote for the first edition of x factor 2011, so the public does not get to vote on who leaves the show on sunday, but instead the 4 judges get to choose who gets voted off on sunday night's x factor live vote this time with the judges voting.

but each judge votes alone, with each judge voting off one of there own acts each, so i can see much drama from the judges when it comes down to them having to choose which act they are going to vote off on sunday night's x factor results.

but for now the saturday xfactor is much of the same with each of the 16 acts performing a song each to impress the judges though, instead of a phone vote, i think though the phone vote will be back on the following weeks x factor though, as the x factor public phone vote is a integral part of the show.

just no phone vote for this first live show though.