Friday, 14 October 2011

x factor phone votes numbers 2011 return to results show

x factor phone votes 2011 will return this weekend with the results show, with the second week of x factor live shows, remember to have some way of recording the phone number of your favourite act, so you can ring in and vote them to stay in the contest.

i would just simply have a pen and paper handy so you do not miss or forget the various numbers you need to add on for each act, after dialing the act you want to save on sundays x factor results show.

that's what i find is the most simplest way of remembering the phone number of the act you want to save.

another easy way would also to put there number onto your mobile phone and save it that way, just remember to delete it, also the singers x factor numbers can change each week on the live shows, so remember to check if there number as changed.

if you do not check each week if numbers have changed you might end up voting for the wrong act to stay in the x factor live shows.

the x factor phone vote numbers can change as acts are eliminated out of the contest, so keep up to date on what numbers to ring for each act in case there number has changed.