Friday, 14 October 2011

x factor 2012 auditions when to apply for application forms

the x factor 2012 auditions will be in most likely the start of march 2012, so far it looks to be pretty much the same schedule as it was this year with auditions for the 2012 x factor starting around march time.

this means you have from around the end of this years series of x factor to apply for the 2012 x factor auditions, a lot of people wonder when the x factor 2012 audition forms are available, each year it has been around the end of the current series of x factor they are watching, which is usually around the final of the current series of x factor that the forms become available.

usually or should i say so far every x factor series has announced that application forms for x factor auditions are available near the final few weeks of the x factor live shows.

but for the moment applications are definitely closed, so you need to wait a bit longer near the end of the current series before you can apply for next years x factor 2012 auditions, so there is no rush just yet, at the moment while the application forms for the 2012 x factor's it is just time to enjoy the live shows, and watch the x factor as a spectator.

and so far this years shows have been quite a spectacle, but it still early days and time to see just who is the best singer this year, as the live shows have not really started yet, i would not class last weeks show as a proper live show, due to the x factor twist, and there being no phone vote.