Saturday, 1 October 2011

when do the x factor live shows start time date 8-10-2011

when do x factor live shows start time date 2011?

the dates to look out for, when this years x factor 2011 starts are:

saturday 8th october 2011

at 7:30pm until 10pm

look out for sunday the 9th october to be results show, from the x factor viewers phone vote and to see what acts get the least amount of votes on the first show, which is probably the worst time to get voted off of x factor on the very first live show.

so sunday 9th october results show at 8pm until 9pm

that is the complete start date and start time for the live shows stage of x factor 2011 uk, this is the information you need if you was wondering just when the live shows section of x factor starts this year and at what time for saturday and sunday 8-10-2011 and 9-10-2011 the new live shows of x factor 2011 start.