Sunday, 23 October 2011

sunday vote results who got through frankie swears? bottom 2 kitty brucknell and sami brookes

just watched the sunday results and the bottom 2 was both louis walshes acts sami brookes and kitty brucknell, i also think i heard frankie cocozza swear when voted through in celebration with a slip of the tongue and pressure release.

sounded like frankie cocozza said something along the lines "f***** have it" when voted through, and the audience boo's because of frankie slip of the tongue.

think frankie cocozza will need reminding he is on live tv, and not to swear again.

so who got through on tonight's show, was kitty brucknell louis walsh had to make the final choice of whether to go to deadlock or vote off sami brookes and he chose to vote off sami brookes, so sami has left on week 3 of the x factor live shows.

was a strange twist in a away if you remember last night's show, someone in the audience swore at gary barlow when he said that sami was boring, and gary barlow said back to the audience who just swore at me in the audience?.

will gary barlow complain about frankie's swearing on tonight's x factor, though, i think it was just a mistake by frankie and slip of the tongue while under pressure.

so kitty is still in but not picking up votes, though a very good singer, so will need to see what happens on next weeks show.