Saturday, 22 October 2011

possible x factor 2012 auditions applications apply or not? should they fill in the forms?


here is a look at some potential x factor 2012 auditions videos, these people are thinking of auditioning for next years x factor show, what do you think should they go for it?, and what are the chances of cheryl returning back for the 2012 x factor competition? slim or very remote?.

the first one does he have a chance, good enthusiasm, well lots of enthusiasm so that is good.

X Factor 2012 - The Audition

i think this one is from the danish auditions for there 2012 show, but not sure.

Kærlighed i casting-køen (X Factor 2012)

this is who you would be facing with a uk x factor audition, of course simon cowell on the usa 2012 x factor, no cheryl cole though unless she returns for the x factor auditions in 2012.