Sunday, 16 October 2011

christmas 2011 x factor number one singles albums presents idea to buy as gifts this year xmas


christmas 2011 x factor number one singles and albums presents idea to buy as gifts this year, these are a really good idea if you are stuck when it gets round to december and thinking what to buy someone at christmas.

last year i bought my mum a matt cardle cd after he won x factor and she said she would like his cd, it solved some of my problems deciding what christmas presents to buy her.

i also bought my sister the jls album last christmas as well, as they had there album released last year at christmas time, and my sister said she wanted the jls cd for christmas, so that was another christmas present dilemma solved.

this year not sure who will win x factor, but i think it might be janet devlin, last year i guessed it would be matt cardle pretty much from his x factor audition who was going to win x factor so we will have to wait and see if i get it right again this year.

there was a campaign a few years back to stop x factor getting the number one each year, which did stop joe mcelderry getting the christmas number one, but i think that campaign has fizzled out now, because matt cardle got last years christmas no.1 i think, so who ever wins this years x factor 2011 final should be the christmas number one, and if you know someone who likes that particular singer then you know what cd to buy them as a christmas present this year.

it does take the guess work out of some of the problems of choosing christmas presents which i always find difficult, and a cd is easy to wrap as well with the old christmas present wrapping as well :)

so this year it might be a janet devlin album cd i buy my mum for her christmas 2011 present, or depending on who she likes the most this year.

this year i think cd's released by janet devlin will be popular christmas gifts, just like how matt cardle's were last year, and probably this year if matt releases a album around christmas time,they do make good christmas presents if you know the person you are buying the present for is a fan.

so will it be janet devlin this year for this xmas number 1 i think so, but lets wait and see there is a long way to go until christmas 2011 and the x factor final in december.



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