Wednesday, 12 October 2011

are you applying for the voice bbc singing contest auditions how to apply and why?

if you are applying for the voice bbc singing contest?, one thing to remember it is not the x factor, the voice from what i have read is a totally different type of singing contest to the x factor.

in the way the auditions for the voice work, reading the rules about how to apply for the voice on the bbc website they sound very strict and to the point.

so this is the thing the voice singing talent style contest is nothing like the x factor singing contest, because the x factor looks for more then just voice at times and picks people as well for a certain style or stage presence, whereas the voice just chooses people on how they sing and there vocal ability, not so much on stage presence or likeability as the x factor does sometimes.

i think the voice on bbc 1 uk is as well trying to make itself different to the x factor as well, as not to appear as a copy of the uk x factor talent show, but more its own style of talent contest.

the voice auditions are starting in soon and run for a few months, and so if you want to apply to be in the voice you would need to get your application forms for the voice in now, by going to the bbc website the voice and filling out there applications form.

the voice is on bbc tv early next year.