Tuesday, 18 October 2011

apply for x factor 2012

x factor is getting some negative press at the moment but you should still apply for x factor 2012, because if anything the x factor should be better in 2012.

at the moment the x factor has suffered a ratings dive, and also criticism that has not picked just the best singers when choosing acts for the live programme, and instead gone for the look and style of the auditionee, style over substance you could say.

but next year with the 2012 x factor i think this will all change and the acts will once again be more so chosen on singing ability rather then a mix of good singers and a mix of good entertainers.

don't get me wrong there are some really good singers this year, but also there might have been acts chosen not just for there singing ability.

next year i think the x factor will have a new directive to just go for the best voices and singers over style.

so you should be upbeat if you choose to apply for next years x factor 2012 competition.