Wednesday, 28 September 2011

its the x factor america 2011 wednesday's on fox usa tv!

strange day for the x factor to be on tv, but its the x factor america 2011 wednesday's on fox usa tv!, for the new series of the american version of x factor, which started last wednesday on fox usa.

i was surprised though that so far the new series of the x factor america has not quite taken off just yet, and did not get as a high amount of viewers as the american idol got this year, but i think it is still early days with the x factor usa and it will take off and get really popular as the series goes on.

this is what the fox website says about tonight's x factor america episode-

Auditions continue in New York / New Jersey

The live auditions in front of an audience of thousands continue on THE X FACTOR. Don’t miss the unbelievable auditions as the judges continue their search to find the next global superstar or breakout music group worthy of a $5 million recording contract with Syco/Sony Music. Find out who will bring the judges and audience to their feet and who will leave the stage in tears".

you can also register to the x factor section of the fox website and they have some video clips up of last weeks edition of the american x factor on

also through the fox website i found this x factor website called which shows all the auditions videos from last weeks x factor usa edition, so if looking some american x factor auditions that fox website shows some.

on you can watch shows online, but so far i cannot find the edition of last weeks x factor america to watch on fox online, so not sure when you will be able to watch american x factor 2011 online on the fox website.