Saturday, 20 August 2011

x factor 2011 irish girl audition janet devlin video itv1 player crashed first show of new series


(found this a good song listening to some of her covers on her youtube channel.)

City and color - The girl ( Janet Devlin cover )

x factor 2011 first show of new series irish girl called janet devlin with a really good audition, just watching the new series of x factor 2011 on the itv 1 player online, which has crashed just when the highlight of the first show a young girl from ireland who is about 16 years old, really impressed the judges with her performance of elton john's your song.

Your Song- Ellie Goulding/ Elton John Janet Devlin Cover

i think janet devlin was the highlight of the first show today though there is still 15 minutes left to watch of the first episode of the new series of x-factor 2011, except the itv 1 player i was watching the x factor on live online crashed at about 9pm and so i need to now go on look up past programmes on the itv 1 player and start from about 1 hour in to the new episode show, which is about 45 minutes on the itv player x factor re-run, as it is shorter as the ads come on separately to the running time on the itv player replays of x factor episodes, but the itv player is one of the easiest ways to watch x factor 2011 live or replays as well.

i am wondering if the itv player has also crashed for other people watching the x factor live on itv online, what i think you can do is watch the x factor on choose a programme page of the itv player website, and that way watch the x factor 2011 episode that has just finished tonight, the itv1 player crashed when the judges were given there comments on how well janet devlin had sung.

and then the itv 1 player goes faulty, now 15 minutes later it has started working again, in time for this first x factor show to finish, but i am hoping to be able to roll through the episode now it is on itv back programmes.

yep x factor 2011 is now on todays programmes list on itv so you can watch it again, especially if it had just crashed on you around 9pm, like it did for me when what seemed like one of the top contestants for tonight did the best performance.

so if you want to watch a replay of tonight's x factor 2011 first programme it is now up on the itv player website, and you can scroll through the episode as well to get to the part where you was already up to, for me i got to 9pm when the itv player video crashed.

all in all was a really start to the new series of x factor and really enjoyed the first show, the new format and judges and it still seems like the x factor contest of old, and the best saturday night viewing, especially when that cold weather draws in.

from tonight's show the act that got the most praise from the judges, has a youtube channel of some of her favourite songs that she has covered, so this is a pre x factor 2011 version of janet devlin singing elton johns your song on youtube video, which is from her youtube channel "janetdevlin".

janet devlin picture