Saturday, 4 June 2011

britains got talent bgt final 2011 ronan parke 4th june itv favourite to win or razy or michael?

looks like ronan parke is the favourite to win this years britains got talent final 2011 tonight on saturday the 4th june 2011.

but as usual or as more in recent years there seems to be more and more controversy around these tv talent shows, though the x factor last year did seem to go off without too much controversy.

but this years britains got talent 2011 seems to have been more and more drawn into the realms of controversy with it being said that the final is fixed so that favourite finalist ronan parke will win.

i do not think that the britains got talent 2011 phone vote is rigged though, it is more just that the favourite is getting bad press and rumours, because ronan parke will probably just get the most of the public phone vote on tonight's britain got talent final.

other ones to look out for in tonight's britain's got talent final are one of my favourites the matrix style dancer razy gogonea, and singer michael collings, who both have potential to win also, if they can put in good performances like they did in there bgt 2011 auditions.

Ronan Parke reminds me a bit of justin bieber with the way he looks and has dressed, but other then that is probably the favourite to win the final tonight, but i do not think it is guaranteed either.