Sunday, 15 May 2011

john and edward jedward eurovision song lipstick final 2011 youtube video and pictures

this is john and edward aka jedward in the eurovision 2011 singing the song lipstick at the final on this youtube video.

well i think john and edward aka jedward did really well in a way as they got a top ten finish at the eurovision final 2011 last night.

john and edward aka jedward finished in 8th place at last night's eurovision 2011 final which is quite a good result considering how many european countries enter the contest.

i think by all accounts john and edward aka jedward were quite happy with the result last night the brother grimes, john and edward grimes could probably not of hoped really for a better result, the english representatives pop group blue finished in 11th place.

so all in all it was quite some eurovision 2011 results last night for jedward and blue, watch the video of jedward below singing lipstick on youtube video, it is better then you would expect really.

john and edward aka jedward Eurovision 2011 Ireland Jedward Lipstick Final youtube video watch online

the song lipstick by jedward is actually quite good, it could of been worse, but what is the outfit jedward are wearing, looks quite strange the clothes jedward are wearing, kind of red jacket with massive shoulder pads type effect, and of course the jedward trade mark big blonde spiky style hairstyle.

john and edward aka jedward at the eurovision final in germany 2011

jedward eurovision song lipstick picture in there red outfit shoulder pad style clothes

the red studded shoulder pads jedward wore at eurovision 2011 remind me a bit of the famous wrestlers the legion of doom from the wwf