Saturday, 7 May 2011

Cheryl Cole new x factor 2011 usa judge paula abdul? as well video simon cowell and abdul

Cheryl Cole is now confirmed as the new american x factor 2011 judge, though i thought all along this was going to happen, so simon cowell so far has Cheryl Cole as the usa x factor 2011 judge.

the new or other rumour now is for paula abdul to be the next x factor usa 2011 judge to be announced, this would reunite simon cowell and paula abdul from there american idol days, when both paula and simon were judges for the american idol singing contest for a lot of years so this new x factor usa rumour would make sense.

so do not be surprised to see paula abdul, simon cowell and cheryl cole as your x factor america 2011 judges.

this would leave louis walsh as the head judge of the uk x factor 2011, along with dannii minogue and some new possible replacements for the uk judging panel of x factor, though simon cowell did say he would be judging the final stages of the uk x factor 2011 as well as judging the united states version of x factor full time, and judging the uk x factor part time.

youtube about the relationship between simon cowell and paula abdul at the bottom of the page, was thinking, are they not already doing the auditions on the usa x factor, i thought they had started but they must not of started yet, otherwise they would have no judging panel to judge all the acts.

paula abdul x factor 2011?

Simon Cowell & Paula Abdul - Their thoughts on each other behind the scenes- plus the Kiss!

After hearing that Paula Abdul is leaving American Idol, I thought I would dig into the archives of the show to find an interesting clip on her early days with the series. From "Behind the Scenes with Simon Cowell" which was produced after season 3, we see some very frank views from Simon and Paula about what they thought of each others contribution to the american idol show.