Friday, 15 April 2011

watch bgt britains got (more) talent 2011 on itv1 itv2 repeat and itv internet player online and britains got more talent

you have a few options to watch this saturdays first episode of bgt britains got talent 2011, firstly you can watch bgt britains got talent 2011 on the regular itv channel which will be on tv this saturday 16th april at 8:20 until 9:50, with got more talent following on itv2, straight after.

if you cannot watch bgt britain's got talent 2011 on tv or freeview, the option is to watch britain's got talent 2011 online which is also shown the same time as it is on itv1, so look out to watch bgt 2011 on the itv player which can be found on the website, but do this in advance as it might take you a little while to find the itv player, but it plays similar as to watching britain's got talent 2011 on your tv or freeview, except watching it online instead.

i think you can watch repeats of britains got talent as well on the itv on demand which repeats shows from the day before it seems looking on the itv on demand player website.

also look for britain's got more talent 2011 as well on itv 2, which shows straight after britain's got talent finishes on itv 1 flick over to itv 2 to watch britain's got more talent at 9:50pm until 10:50pm saturday 16th april 2011, more talent is presented by Stephen Mulhern.

then after that if you are looking for a repeat of this saturdays britain's got talent 2011 first episode then on the 17th april 2011 it is repeated on itv2 at 1:25am to 2:45am basically in the sunday morning.

with britain's got more talent following that first repeat as well at 2:45am until 3:35am on itv2 channel.

also if you are up late there is the american idol 2011 as well following that i just noticed in the tv guide at 3:35am til 4:40am on itv 2 again.

then on sunday you can catch repeats of bgt britain's got talent 2011 3pm until 4:30pm sunday 17th april on itv1.

with bgt britain's got more talent 2011 being repeated on sunday 17th april at 4:30pm to 5:30pm on itv 2, basically after the itv 1 repeat of the main bgt 2011 tv show has been repeated on itv 1.

after this i think you can still get the britain's got talent 2011 repeats online on the itv on demand player.