Thursday, 7 April 2011

the x factor 2011 audition application form process gets new twist in the usa for the american x factor 2011 fox show

the audition and application form process for the american version of x factor 2011 has been given the usa style treatment with special audition application booths put into smaller towns or areas of america that are far away from the regular american x factor 2011 audition process.

these audition booths are so americans who cannot reach the big audition events can still audition in a kind of video call or recorded type way in the smaller towns and areas of the usa.

there is of course going to be big auditions all across the usa for the x factor 2011 and i think these are already underway or will be soon but for those unlucky enough and not able to reach these be if auditions there will be these kind of audition booths available in some of the more smaller american towns, probably in the big shopping malls in these smaller usa states or towns.

the x factor audition booths will give a hopeful contestant the chance to make a 2 minute or so audition video and the chance to get to the live finals then if this video is seen and liked by the people who will judge these videos, then of course the first stage if you get through the x factor audition is to qualify for the x factor boot camp, which is more auditions in itself, but obviously the next step on trying to make it to the x factor 2011 finals.

these x factor booths will be called the mystudio.