Friday, 11 February 2011

the x factor auditions application form 2011 apply dates deadlines for this years x factor 2011

it looks like there is not long left to apply for the x factor 2011, with the auditions stages of the x factor 2011 looking to be starting in early 2011, the uk version of the x factor 2011 auditions seems to be starting earlier this year then usual.

though the auditions stages for this years x factor 2011 might be staged periodically through the year, and not done in one fell swoop.

the only dates i can find at the moment for when the deadline for applying for this years x factor 2011 is concerned is that on the x factor website for applications, is FEBRUARY 11TH 2011, this looks to be the deadline for applying to be on this years uk x factor 2011, the us version will be different as well.

i think today might be the last day to apply to be on the x factor in 2011, at the least via the x factor phone line application lines, you might still get some time to send in a written application form though i think.

but if you are in a hurry to be on the x factor 2011 you would really need to ring the phone lines today, as it says on the x factor 2011 itv website or applications online for x factor website that february 2011 is a deadline and phone lines close today.

i will post the details from the x factor 2011 applications website at the bottom of this page.

you would of really needed to already have your applications forms in by the time of reading this blog post as today seems to be around the deadline or end time to apply for the 2011 x factor contest.

not to worry if you miss applying for this years x factor 2011 as there is always next years x factor in 2012 to apply to as well, and it does come around very fast, it looks like the us x factor auditions start early as well around march time or so.

but if you miss the deadline to apply and fill in a x factor application form, there is always 2012 to apply to be on the x factor as the x factor does not look to be going off of tv anytime soon.

and the x factor 2012 might be around quite soon as well, as they might put x factor on earlier in the year, so always other options, though if you have missed applying for this years x factor contest, it will be quite a wait to the next season of the x factor competition.

not sure when the x factor 2011 will be on tv though this year, if it will still have the regular christmas slot or not, i like watching the x factor around christmas time, i cannot really see it being good having x factor on in the summer time though, would not really be the same.

but good luck if you have applied to be on the x factor 2011, good luck if you make it through to the auditions on the x factor 2011 show as well.

this is what it says on the x factor application forms website below, says about lines closing today february 2011, it also says how old you have to be to audition for x factor 2011.

"Filling in the application form is simple and only takes a few minutes and YOU could be on your way to auditioning for The X Factor 2011

If you are a soloist or in a group you can apply here. Just follow the instructions. If you want to, you can also upload a video audition. This is optional, again, just follow the instructions

You can only apply via the internet if you have a valid email address. If not, please call the X Factor hotline on 0901 88 11 222 to apply.

Calls cost 26p per minute plus an 11p connection charge from a BT landline and should last no longer than 2 minutes. Calls from other networks may be higher and from mobiles will be considerably more. Callers must obtain the bill payers permission before calling. Lines close 11th February 2011. Make sure you read and agree to the terms & conditions before entering.

Before continuing please read and confirm that you comply with all the following:

This application form is intended for solo artists only, if you're a group click here.
You must be 16 years old or over on the 11th February 2011. Proof of age and ID will be required at the first audition stage.
You can optionally upload a recent video of you performing, please have this ready before completing the application form."