Sunday, 23 January 2011

american idol 2011 auditions & judges Jennifer Lopez Steven Tyler

american idol 2011 has started with auditions & judges, well the talent show season has started again for 2011, with the start of the new american idol 2011 series not too long ago, there are new judges this year on the american idol 2011 with simon cowell no longer a judge on the show.

the new judges for american idol 2011 are Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson, and Ryan Seacrest as announcer.

just looking on youtube to see what some of the first american idol 2011 auditions are like and this is some of the better ones i have found, i find watching these american idol 2011 auditions that the american idol is a different kind of show really to the x factor.

you cannot really compare x factor to the american idol as both shows seem very different from each other.

i find the american idol to be more of a serious talent show as it not being so much about fun, whereas the x factor seems to be more of a fun talent show, and has more of a fun vibe to it, also the american idol seems to be more contemporary whereas the x factor is more random.

the american idol 2011 and the x factor definitely do seem to be two different kind of talent shows, but on paper they should be quite similar.

i think the new judges for american idol 2011 seem like good choices with Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler and make the show seem fresh and new somewhat as well, so all in all it should be decent series of the american idol.

American Idol-2011-Travis Orlando-Bronx-NY-Superb

"The Season Premier of American Idol was great, a young man from the Bronx took center stage as the final act Travis Orlando and it was pure delight, I can hardly wait to hear more. Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez as well as host Ryan Seacrest were wonderful, it looks as though this may be one of the best years of Idol and a great way to start off a new decade."

American Idol 2011 Season 10 - New Orleans, LA Auditions Part 2 (2 auditions)

"The auditions continue from New Orleans, LA on the second part of two-night season premiere of American Idol as the judges continue their quest to find the next singing superstar.Season 10, audition 2,
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