Sunday, 5 December 2010

Mary Byrne it's a Man's World the x factor results 5th december 2010 lyrics video

Mary Byrne it's a Man's World the x factor results 5th december 2010 lyrics video, this was mary byrne at her best, and yet again sung better in the sing off then cher lloyd but still got voted off of the x factor semi final by the judges.

this was mary byrne best performances in all of the x factor series really got this song perfect but it was not enough to stay in the contest in the judges eyes though, was the best singing on the x factor for this semi final weekend all the same.

really tremendous vocal you have to listen to it to appreciate how good, and i knew the judges would favour cher lloyd, but i thought maybe with this vocal mary might sway there opinions, but alas it was not to be as the judges always have there favourites and are biased that way.

The X Factor: Mary Byrne sings This Is A Man's World - The X Factor Live -

"The X Factor 2010: Mary's been battling illness all week, which couldn't have come at a worse time for the 50-year-old Tesco worker. Will her illness stop her from making her performance unforgettable, or will she manage to rise above it?"

the lyrics for this song that mary byrne for the x factor semi final bottom 2 results 5th december 2010 show.

"Live june 1991 in Doby Digital, 1st concert after James brown was released from prison.
It is not complete, look at the several video-responses i posted (right below the vid)

Quote from :
"In the summer of 1991, James Brown made his comeback on the scene of the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles. Together with a twelve-man band and a dynamic show, he enchanted a public which included Mick Jagger, Quincy Jones and MC Hammer."