Friday, 3 December 2010

cher lloyd therapy and problems x factor 2010 news

cher lloyd therapy and problems x factor 2010 news, personally i do not believe all these news stories you read about the x factor 2010, but here is another saying cher lloyd is having xtra therapy due to problems from being on the x factor 2010 show.

but these x factor 2010 news stories seem to be rife on this season of the x factor, and now with fewer and fewer contestants left i wonder what stories the news will have to come up with, as they will have fewer contestants to create controversy over as the show is down to i think the last 6 finalists now.

X Factor's Cher Lloyd is under watch 24/7

X Factor hopeful Cher Lloyd is reportedly being monitored 24/7 by the show's therapist. The 17-year-old apparently stormed out of secret concert in tears. The rapper then reportedly then went on to label the X Factor audience as disgusting, and claimed she was terrified about this weeks show. After allegedly flouncing off stage, Cher had to be comforted by staff. Cher now reportedly has a therapist staying in the house and on call 24/7.