Monday, 6 December 2010

american x factor 2011 audition apply application forms?

american x factor 2011 audition apply application forms?, so far it looks to be full steam ahead with the usa american x factor 2011, with fox already running adverts for the us version of the x factor, here is a little write up from the wikipedia website to see what the official view is regarding the soon to be hit us talent show in 2011?.

what i find interesting is that the american x factor 2011 seems to run around the same time as the uk x factor 2011 will run, so how will simon cowell judge both shows?, or will there be a change in the judging with simon cowell not judging next years uk x factor 2011?, will simon cowell just judge the us version of x factor 2011 instead?.

i wonder how many americans will apply to audition on the american x factor 2011, if it is 100 of thoushands in the uk, with america being bigger will they have millions audition to be on the american x factor 2011?.

not sure how to apply for the american x factor 2011 or where you would get application forms for american x factor 2011, i guess if it is like uk x factor then it would be on the fox tv website, though they probably have not put up american x factor 2011 application forms yet, until they do a extensive tv advertising campaign on fox in america.

my guess is that the american x factor 2011 audition application forms will be made available on the fox website in similar fashion to how the uk x factor application forms are on the itv website.

what to look forward with us x factor show in 2011, ant actually sounds quite good as well.

The X Factor 2008 Auditions - Ant and Seb (Ant and Deaf)

and peter andre on the x factor? MUST WATCH REMIX!!!

Peter Andre ft Ant and Seb- Mysterious Girl (move ya body)