Tuesday, 23 November 2010

x factor weekly news contestants not getting on? and stress at the x factor 2010!

x factor weekly news contestants not getting on? and stress at the x factor 2010!, what is it with this years x factor 2010 show there seems to be a lot of falling out and clashing between contestants that is if the news we get daily is to be believed fully, does the media exaggerate the headlines as to what is actually happening at the x factor?, i think they probably do a bit.

but there does seem to be a lot of unrest this year on the x factor, though i htink it should all be about the singing and not a daily news soap, but anyway, lets have a look at recent x factor headlines to see how it stacks up.

start with some bits and pieces from previous weeks but also look at the so called feud going on with contestants, who i think really need to take a chill pill it seems matt cardle is very opinionated about everything if the news is to be believed.

before rock week on x factor which later was american anthems, Kiss rocker Gene Simmons has hit out at The X Factor and its judges, saying he is more qualified than anyone on the show. Speaking to the Daily Star today ahead of the programme’s Rock week theme this weekend, Simmons did praise Simon Cowell for “telling the truth”.

wagner explained on the show that he was misquoted to cheryl.

"Cheryl Cole's war with Wagner over his comments on the star growing up in a council estate escalated last night, with the Brazilian almost barged into her dressing room."

"Girls Aloud beauty Kimberley Walsh has hit out at Louis Walsh, suggesting the X Factor 2010 judge should just stop talking! Writing in her weekly OK magazine column, Kimberley praised Cher Lloyd, saying that she agrees with some viewer’s opinions that there is a similarly with Cheryl. Kimberley wrote: “I do see a little mini-Cheryl".

"Furious Cheryl Cole tells Wagner to "get lost" as he asks to apologise

Furious X Factor judge didn’t want to hear from contestant Wagner before Saturday’s show, telling him to “get lost” as he tried to explain comments he had made in the press. TellyMix revealed on Saturday morning how Wagner had hit out the judge, branding her as a girl from a council estate who got lucky"

"Wagner tried to head-butt One Direction's Harry Styles during scuffle"

this story seems more like harry styles tackled wagner to the ground and wagner thought he was being attacked by harry styles, who should of known better then to knock a 54 year old to the floor in the first place, i think one direction probably have attitude problems and overblown egos.

"Matt Cardle & Wagner 'Clash On Xtra Factor'
As axed Paije says he "feels sorry" for the Brazilian crooner..."

i think matt cardle needs to take that chill pill he is massively over opinionated.

definitely has the X factor this year, wagner is one of my favourite contestants this year! makes the show interesting.