Sunday, 14 November 2010

x factor results 14th november 2010 katie waissel stays

x factor results 14th november katie waissel stays, in a x factor 2010 surprise, katie waissel survives being in the bottom 2 again, i think katie waissel might have the record for surviving the bottom 2 on x factor out of any series of the show.

katie waissel ended up in deadlock with aiden grimshaw, and it went down to who had the least votes, and it did look like katie waissel was going to get voted off, but it was aiden grimshaw who got the least phone votes.

in the judges simon cowell gave katie waissel a vote to stay in, cheryl cole gave katie a vote to stay in, then dannii minogue voted to keep her act in aiden grimshaw, louis walsh voted to keep aiden grimshaw in and it went to deadlock and the act with the least votes would leave on this sunday night 14th november x factor 2010 results show, with a shock it was aiden grimshaw who got the least votes and so was voted off of x factor 2010.

katie waissel some how managed to do the impossible and survive the bottom 2 of results for a staggering 4th time.

i just got home in time to watch the results show tonight, otherwise i would not have believed it, that katie waissel had managed to survive for another week.

but i think katie waissel is quite a good singer so does deserve to have a chance at being in the competition, but was surprised to see katie waissel surviving for a 4th time after being the favourite to leave over the last 3 or more weeks on x factor 2010.

was quite a big shock result for a the x factor voting system for katie waissel to survive again, and maybe might start to get more votes and survive next week as well on x factor 2010 and not get voted off or into the bottom 2 again for a while.