Sunday, 14 November 2010

x factor love romance one direction contestants dating not singing

x factor love romance one direction contestants dating not singing, big problems with the x factor this year and it more to do with all the acts dating and having relationships instead of the singing.

it is said that one direction is causing the most problems for simon cowell due to there there constant dating.

harry styles is dating a x factor backing dancer called jade albertsen, louis tomlinson of one direction is said to be dating lucie jones from last years x factor show.

zain malik of one direction is said to have got together with geneva lane of belle amie.

aiden grimshaw is dating backing dancer caoife coleman, and even matt cardle is up to it as well romancing the x factor stylist grace woodward.

but for me none of these x factor dating rumours interest me as i am more interested in the live shows and who is singing what and who is singing the best and putting on a good show like what wagner does.

not in who is dating who, but this is said to be the worst back stage antics of any x factor with all the constant dating going on with lots of the contestants, could this effect some of there chances of winning the x factor one wonders though.

taking there eye off of the prize while dating and being all loved up.

one direction seem to be the worst for all the dating problems though, living up to a reputation of what boy bands are actually like in real life,though they need to try and win something first before acting like a accomplished boy band of rogues!.