Saturday, 6 November 2010

x factor is on tv at 7:45pm tonight 6th november 2010

x factor is on tv at 7:45pm tonight 6th november 2010, i ws surprised to see that because i was thinking x factor 2010 was always going to be on at 8pm for the time being, and would of missed the start of tonight's x factor show if i had not just checked up on the x factor start times.

i don't know why they change the start times like that and put x factor on 15 minutes early tonight, because if many people choon into x factor at 8pm as usual, they could of missed the first 1 or two acts, and what would that mean?.

this could spell disaster for what ever acts go on before 8pm as they will not have been viewed by as many people and thus could lose out on a lot of votes.

i don't think x factor should move or change there start times like that mid series as it just takes away from the unlucky acts that go on before 8pm.

i did not check what time last weeks x factor was on and just chooned in at 8pm, but this week i had a look on the tv times and it says 7:45pm and finishes at 9:30pm.

so beware of shifting x factor start times.