Wednesday, 3 November 2010

x factor 7th november 2010 take that robbie williams

EDIT got this wrong it is kylie and shayne ward on sunday 7th november 2010 x factor, tonight at 8pm until 9pm.

and take that will be on next weeks.

x factor 7th november 2010 take that, well the news is out that take that will be on the x factor sunday results show, with robbie williams as well, it will be the original take that group on the x factor show.

so this will be one of the best acts that the x factor has had on especially with take that recently reforming the old line up of take that so look out for robbie williams, jason orange, howard donald, mark owen and gary barlow, the original boy band, as well saturday's x factor is boy bands theme.

so take that should make for a very good sunday results show on the x factor as the original take that due to there reunion with past band mate robbie williams, so it will be a kind of unique appearance by take that on the x factor 2010 show.

in the past take that have been on the x factor and also robbie william's has been on the x factor before, i think robbie williams was on the x factor twice last year, as a coach part way through and singing with olly murs in last years x factor final.

oh and take that are mentors to the acts this week as well!, so expect to see take that mentouring the acts on saturday live x factor show as well, so it is kind of a take that theme weekend for the x factor this week.

unless i have got this wrong and take that are on the week after not sure now?????.