Saturday, 6 November 2010

x factor 2010 youtube video diaries anyone watch them?

x factor 2010 video diaries anyone watch them?, i have not watched many of these x factor 2010 video diaries, as i had not noticed them at first and i think it is a new thing for this years factor show, but basically all the x factor acts do weekly video diaries on how they are getting on, what is going right and what is going wrong o there x factor journey.

i think it is also a kind of self medication or relaxation for the acts to put there problems out in video diary format for people to see, but also for the x factor contestants to release some stress in the process as well.

you can watch these x factor 2010 video diaries on youtube and each x factor contestant has there own youtube channel i think as well, so you can kind of keep up with what is happening in the week as they get ready for the x factor saturday show which is today of course.

cher lloyd's video diaries, Cher Lloyd vs Paije Richardson : Mr and Miss(es) X Factor 2010 HQ/HD