Saturday, 6 November 2010

x factor 2010 fashion tips and hairstyles makeup

x factor 2010 fashion tips and hairstyles from x factor, if you like some of the x factor fashion and style you see on x factor i have been looking through the x factor 2010 video diary blogs and found this one on one directions liam payne and how he gets his hair styled.

interesting thing with liam payne though his hair never really seemed to change form when he first went on x factor, so basically he has the same hairstyle but now he is on x factor gets his hair made up by a barber and of course will get the obligatory make up as well no doubt.

whereas some of the x factor contestants seem to get radical make overs, though this year they seem to have kept to a lot of there original hairstyle for the most part on the show.

will be interesting to see what styles the x factor contestants have for the american anthems themed show tonight.

The X Factor 2010 - Get Styled Like Liam