Saturday, 6 November 2010

what time is x factor on saturday 6th november 2010 it is 7:45pm

what time is x factor on saturday 6th november 2010 it is 7:45pm, important to know so you do not miss your favourite acts tonight to tune into the x factor 15minutes earlier this week, with for whatever reason the start time being earlier for tonight's x factor show.

so hopefully you do not tune into the x factor at the usual time and end up missing your favourite acts if they are performing early tonight, as the x factor starts 15 minutes early tonight and finishes at 9:30pm so finishes 30 minutes early as well.

so anyway i am getting ready now to watch the saturday's x factor 2010 edition for the date of 6th november 2010, as it is on itv in about 30 minutes, so getting all my jobs out of the way so i can see what happens tonight on x factor's american anthems show, should be a really good show tonight, though some of the song choices do not look so great for tonight's american anthems themed show, but lets wait and see.

i am not too sure about one directions song choice for tonight for example, but it might sound good who knows, its just i have never heard of the song before i like to hear the x factor contestants singing songs that i know, not ones i don't know.