Saturday, 6 November 2010

Wagner Viva Las Vegas The Wonder Of You Elvis songs lyrics video tonight's x factor 6th november 2010 american anthems theme

Wagner Viva Las Vegas The Wonder Of You Elvis songs Lyrics video tonight's x factor 6th november 2010 american anthems theme, i think wagner stole the show tonight with this as his best performance and good vocals what the judges don't seem to understand is that wagner has a unique singing voice and thus it sounds different to the other x factor contestants, wagner's voice more kind of operatic and deep compared to the other singers.

so tonight wagner's songs really suited him with the elvis classics viva las vegas and the wonder of you which wagner was singing on the american anthems themed show tonight, and he did come over of being like elvis a lot as well, i will have to post the elvis versions of these songs as well as they are quite good to watch.

i think wagner really sings the wonder of you really well as well, sounds really good.

The X Factor: Wagner sings Viva Las Vegas/The Wonder Of You - The X Factor Live show 5 american anthems theme 6th november 2010

"The X Factor 2010: Coming from a performing background, Wagner feels he's at home. And performing two songs from such a huge American star - why wouldn't he be? Mixing Viva Las Vegas and The Wonder Of You - can Wagner do justice to Elvis Presley?"

that was a excellent performance by wagner and i can see him being safe for another week after saturday nights elvis songs well another medley as well with 2 songs not just one.

this is the elvis version of viva las vegas.

Elvis Presley - Viva Las Vegas [Movie Music Video] watch the bongos at the start, shame wagner did not get chance to go on the bongos tonight with viva las vegas!.

Elvis Presley - Viva Las Vegas the song wagner was singing on x factor tonight american anthems really good lyrics and song by elvis above.

and it would not be complete without a bit of the full wagner medley, which was the wonder of you of course another elvis hit.

Elvis Presley The wonder of you 1970 live

elvis presley the wonder of you lyrics as sung by wagner on 6th november 2010 x factor american anthems themed show