Sunday, 28 November 2010

wagner unforgettable video lyrics bottom 2 song 28-11-2010 x factor

wagner unforgettable video lyrics bottom 2 song 28-11-2010 x factor, this is the video for wagner singing the song unforgettable and easily wagners best vocal of the entire x factor series and actually better then mary byrnes song, but when wagner ended up in the bottom 2 he was bound to get voted off of x factor 2010 by the judges as they had it in for wagner.

Wagner sings Unforgettable for survival - The X Factor Live results 8 (Full Version)

The X Factor 2010: As one of the two acts to be saved from immediate elimination, but still with not enough public votes, Wagner sings Unforgettable in the hopes the judges will keep him in the competition for another week.

one of the best performances of the whole x factor series, though not enough to stay in the show, the double elimination this week seemed a ploy to get wagner off the show as he will have had more votes then mary byrne and katie waissel this week.

these are the frank sinatra lyrics to this classic song wagner was singing for survival on this sundays x factor the results for 28th november 2010