Sunday, 7 November 2010

wagner facebook groups and official page for wagner

wagner facebook groups and official page for wagner, wagner has his own official facebook page with over 33,000 people who like the group and have joined the group, there are other groups on facebook as well "vote for wagner".

and after last night's elvis renditions wagner had his best night on the x factor by far, and really did the elvis songs justice, and put on a great performance as well.

i actually think wagner is a good singer, but what some of the x factor 2010 judges don't seem to take into account is that wagner has a brazillian accent and so his voice sounds slightly different, and also wagner has a bit of a operatic voice as well.

well tonight on the x factor wagner looks safe for another week, and you could say had the performance of the night last night.

this was wagner as elvis on last night's x factor show video and elvis vidoes as well