Sunday, 7 November 2010

treyc cohen katie waissel bottom 2 vote 7th 11 2010

edit, katie waissel sings don't give up on me video link katie waissel don't give up on me link

treyc cohen sings unbreak my heart video link treyc cohen singing unbreak my heart video

this part the video for the judges vote mix up link judges decide who to vote off video

treyc cohen katie waissel bottom 2 7th 11 2010, well waiting for the videos to come up on youtube of there songs for the sing off in the bottom 2 tonight as i don't have a clue what the songs where until i either can type the words into google or see the title of the song on the video.

but katie waissel survived another week whereas treyc cohen was voted off this week by the x factor 2010 judges but in a bizarre twist, because cheryl cole did not vote on the outcome, but i think dermot o'leary made a mistake by asking cheryl cole second in line and should of asked her last after asking the other judges first on who should be voted off out of katie waissel or treyc cohen.

so cheryl cole said she would just vote for deadlock if dermot o'leary came to her last, but then it was 1 a piece between katie waissel and treyc cohen and louis walsh voted treyc cohen off, now dermot o'leary should of gone to cheryl cole then who could of voted for deadlock and the act with the fewest votes would of gone home.

but instead treyc cohen went home on two out votes, so it was a very wonky judges votes off tonight with the bottom two.

mary byrne was the last to be saved on tonight's vote and said after the show on the xtra factor that she thought she was going to be voted off tonight, but was not and mary byrne said she would be back on form for next weeks x factor show.