Friday, 26 November 2010

the best wagner x factor spoof youtube videos to watch

some really good spoof wagner videos here, and very funny as well reading some of the youtube comments because on this first wagner spoof video some one seems to think it is real judges comments, what has happened with this first wagner video is that the judges comments for other acts have been put into the wagner performance.

someone thinks the video is real "Are those pratts getting paid to say that? He is absolute rubbish, now I know why I have given up on trash TV and if you like this, go get a reality check it APPALLING seriously.".

The X Factor X Posed! Wagner - What The Judges REALLY Said.

"Don't believe the hype, the X-Factor "Live" Show isn't live at all. It's pre-recorded in the day and Simon gets his editing department to fix it so it looks like his favourites (Cheryl's group basically) get all teh praise. Here is the REAL cut of Wagner's performance for example and what praise the panel really gave him".

Hitler Decides Who He Wants To Win The X Factor 2010! wagner youtube spoof video