Saturday, 6 November 2010

sunday 7th november kylie and shayne ward x factor return

sunday 7th november kylie minogue and shayne ward x factor return, this should be a good sunday night's results show especially after some of the performances on saturday's show my favourites being wagner, matt and rebecca who were the highlights on saturday and a lot of good performances all round from the other acts as well.

shayne ward of course being a winner of the x factor a few years back, but seems to have been quiet recently as has kylie minogue as well, and x factor is on at 8pm until 9pm tomorrow so set your dates in your diaries of course!.

check out wagner on last night's video really good wagner and elvis

matt was another highlight as well with his song here and the boot camp version as well of the same song matt cardle the first time

and rebecca singing perfectly video rebecca perfect voice

who was the best out of these 3 last night or was it kind of a draw?.