Thursday, 11 November 2010

sunday 14th 11 2010 jls take that westlife x factor

sunday 14th 11 2010 jls take that westlife x factor, this is going to be one big weekend on x factor 2010 especially the sunday night results show with 3 of the biggest boy bands around appearing on sunday night 14/11/2010 x factor will be the mighty take that, jls and westlife.

how they will all fit in is anyone's guess but probably a very fast paced show on this sunday's x factor the results night, will make for good tv though that is for sure, with take that pretty much first time on prime time tv with robbie williams back in the take that group for the first time in about 15 years, so should make for one of the best results show unless your favourite act gets voted off.

a lot of people are saying katie waissel is favourite to get voted off this week, but i do not think it is that clear and it could really be any act outside of the favourites to win that is.