Wednesday, 3 November 2010

saturday 6th november 2010 x factor theme boy bands

EDIT here it was american anthems in the end, here are 3 links to performances of the night! just below to put this post up to speed!.

check out wagner on last night's video really good wagner and elvis

matt was another highlight as well with his song here and the boot camp version as well of the same song matt cardle the first time

and rebecca singing perfectly video rebecca perfect voice

6th november 2010 will boy bands theme on x factor, the songs have not been announced though yet for this weeks x factor live show, but i am guessing there will be a take that song in there somewhere and a westlife song in there somewhere and also a boyzone song in there a well somewhere.

it is going to be interesting to see what songs are actually chosen for this weeks x factor boybands theme show, as not forgetting there are bands in the past like the beatles, so i am wondering could one direction do a beatle song.

even more out there could be a simon and garfunkle song from one of the acts on boyband week, are simon and garfunkle a boy band though or a duet not sure really, if a 2 member group counts as a boy band or not.

so it will be interesting some of the song choices for this saturday's x factor live show should start coming out in next few days, a lot of people are saying simon cowell his chose this theme to help his group one direction, but i doubt there are x factor conpiracies like this happening, but definitely people like to make up a lot of x factor conspiracy theories though, especially on this season of the x factor.

look for some acts to choose a take that song on this weeks boy band show i am going to guess this one take that babe, but its just a guess.