Saturday, 6 November 2010

problems in x factor house wagner and mary byrne

problems in x factor house wagner and mary byrne, well i think it is not the best thing that all the x factor contestants live together in one house really, they should probably be in separate housing in my opinion as problems are bound to occur, especially with such a clash of egos in a competition like the x factor.

i think in the past the x factor contestants have had there own houses, but on this years x factor all the contestants are one house well its more like mansion, but they are all in there together which is bound to cause problems, personally i believe a person needs his own space.

now saying all that the x factor contestants that get furthest in the competition, will start to kind of have the mansion all to them selves as more and more acts get voted off of the x factor as the weeks roll by, the x factor mansion will start to get more and more empty and there will be more more space for the remaining x factor contestants.

so i was reading today that wagner walked in on mary byrne while she was getting changed, and this caused mary byrne a lot of distress as you can understand, and this is why i think it is a mistake to have all the acts crammed in one house together.

i can't see why the x factor management cannot allocate separate housing to all the various contestants, thus eliminating all these fall outs and fights that have been happening on the x factor, because that is all that seems to happen mid week in the news with the x factor is fallouts fights and who is dating who.

there has been fallouts between katie waissel and matt cardle for example because in my opinion it is because they are all crammed in the same house together and this is what caused all this friction to happen on this years x factor, by having the contestants in separate housing all that would of been avoided really.

i think this x factor 2010 house is somewhere in north london