Saturday, 13 November 2010

paije richardson song crocodile rock lyrics video 13/11/2010

paije richardson song crocodile rock lyrics video 13/11/2010, paije richardson seemed to get bad responses from the judges comments on tonight's x factor 2010 after singing the elton john song crocodile rock, especially louis walsh which set the scene for a night of bickering between louis walsh and simon cowell, and simon cowell nearly sacking louis walsh.

but for paije richardson he did a good performance and has never been in the bottom 2 but is one of the favourites to get voted off of the x factor along with katie waissel, so we could see paije richardson and katie waissel in the bottom 2 on tomorrows sunday night x factor results show.

The X Factor 13 november 2010 Paije Richardson sings Crocodile Rock X Factor Live show 6 youtube video elton john theme

"The X Factor 2010: Dannii has chosen an iconic Elton song for Paije to sing this week, but Simon thinks it's quite an odd song! Can Paije be taken seriously with Crocodile Rock?"

here are the lyrics for the song paije richardson was singing on the 13th november x factor 2010 show elton john themed songed night.

elton john crocodile rock lyrics

Elton John-Crocodile Rock youtube video