Wednesday, 24 November 2010

one direction x factor 2010

one direction x factor 2010, do have a bit of a beatles look to them on this recent one direction x factor 2010 performance, though one direction are a manufactured pop, in a way so was the beatles, the beatles where very manufactured and had to follow orders on what styles of songs and music they released, so it is interesting when people think that the beatles were fully original, the same things used now to manage pop groups like one direction were the same tricks used back when the beatles were popular in the 1960's and 70's.

The X Factor: One Direction sing All You Need Is love - The X Factor Live show 7 - Youtube Video

"The X Factor 2010: As a boyband - One Direction lend themselves perfectly to a classic Beatles song - and just the chance to sing one has got the boys incredibly excited this week! Will the boys steal the show with All You Need Is Love?"

this is to compare a picture of the beatles to one direction, one direction being a lot younger though then the beatles.

one direction picture Louis Tomlinson, zain malik, harry styles, niall horan, liam payne.


as you can see in the one direction x factor picture, one direction are a lot younger then the beatles, but have been compared to the beatles, especially due to the way fans have gone crazy over one direction like what happened with beatles mania type of effect.

Louis Tomlinson picture


bit of beatles look in the louis tomlinson picture above out of the other members of one direction.

liam payne picture x factor


liam payne has a bit of the beatles look as well, not to forget liam payne was on the x factor a few years ago as well.

The X Factor 2008 - Liam Payne (14 years old)

Liam's 1st televised audition & interview. Listen to Liam's 1st exchange with Simon Cowell, "Give me another audition....I'll show you the 20 percent !" Nothing is scripted- what you see is what you get- Liam has never had any formal traing. Because of a rule change (min age raised to 16) Liam cannot enter this year's (2009) compitition.

The X Factor 2008 - Liam Payne (Simon's House- Barbados)

The X Factor, Judges Houses. Out of 182,000 who applied, 15 year old Liam travels to Simon Cowell's home in Barbados to fight for a place in the final 12. After narrowly missing out, Simon comments," look almost like the perfect pop star....and I like the fact that Liam,as always, argued back with me" and admits he was teatering on the edge of giving Liam a place in his final 3.