Tuesday, 2 November 2010

next week's x factor theme is boy bands

next week's x factor theme on saturday 6th november 2010 is boy bands, well the news is on what next weeks x factor theme will be and so far it has been announced that it will be a boy bands themed night, which should suit one direction quite a bit.

so it will kind of be male orientated songs on next weeks x factor show from famous boy bands like take that, westlife, boyzone (lots of louis walshes creations!), five, (can you think of any others that could be chosen by the x factor contestants.

also next week the contestants get free rain on choosing there song, due to problems in the past x factor episodes where acts have been given songs that they did not feel comfertable with or they kind of song to sing.

should be quite the x factor next week and definitely a change of pace with the song choices i think.