Saturday, 6 November 2010

matt cardle song the first time ever i saw your face lyrics tonight x factor 6th november 2010 american anthems

matt cardle song first time ever i saw your face lyrics tonight x factor 6th november american anthems, well matt cardle stole the show again this week after a quiet spell last week, matt cardle came back with his trademark song from the x factor boot camp where he sung this same song as well.

for me i think matt cardle's boot camp version was the best version of "the first time ever i saw your face" and tonight's version by matt cardle of the first time i saw your face was his second best performance of the song, i will post matt's boot camp version of this song as well lower down the page as it is worth watching again and comparing!.

but considering matt's boot camp version was probably one of the best ever versions of the song you can see why i would say that, but anyway back to tonight's version and it is like this song was made for matt cardle to sing, or at the least matt cardle makes the song for himself with high notes and uniqueness he puts into this song.

really is a amazing version and matt got tremendous praise from the judges as well, i think matt was the best tonight, or it was between matt and rebecca followed by wagner's best performance as well.

probably american anthems was the best x factor so far this series, but it did start a bit rocky at the start but got better as the show went on.

Matt Cardle sings The First Time (Ever I Saw Your Face) video - The X Factor Live show 5 6th november 2010

"The X Factor 2010: Matt had a tough week last week after some worrying comments. However, Matt's not defeated - he feels he's fought his way here and is going to try his best to stay! With a song he's passionate about - can Matt do himself proud?"

that was quite breathtaking but is it me cause i think matt cardle at boot camp really got this song perfect as well.

here it is this version by matt of first time ever i seen your face is unreal.

The X Factor: Matt Cardle's X Factor bootcamp challenge (Full Version)

"The X Factor 2010: 27-year-old Matt has decided to take a risk with his final performance at bootcamp, opting for a girls song! Having checked with the others, he's the only one doing it, so could this be the end of the road for him, or his chance to shine?"

that has had 1,456,503 views on youtube, in it i think matt cadle just let the song flow more, though tonight's version by matt is amazing as well, so it kind of the best of both worlds in a way with both versions having different qualities to them really.

just listening on youtube to some other versions of this song as well and to keep to the x factor theme leona lewis version of the first time ever i saw your face.

Leona Lewis - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

this song the first time ever i saw your face was written by Ewan McColl, and here are the lyrics so you can sing along if you like to matt cardle's version of this song.

ever i saw your face lyrics Ewan MAcColl as sung by matt cardle on saturday 6th november x factor 2010 show.