Thursday, 11 November 2010

katie waissel to sing the bitch is back elton john theme

katie waissel to sing the bitch is back elton john themed x factor 2010 show, some of katie's detractors might say it is a fitting name for a song choice by katie waissel, or some of katie fans might be looking forward to see how this song works out for katie waissel.

as simon cowell said on the x factor last week katie waissel is like marmite you either love her or you hate her, and simon cowell said he loves marmite.

personally though i think a lot of this has all been down to the bad press katie waissel has got from the newspapers, who have looked to make up rumours and hype up rumours, which has given katie waissel a bad image to the public.

and i don't think it is beyond the x factor to create some controversy and hype to sell the x factor show as well.

anyway this is the elton john song katie waissel will be performing on this saturday's x factor 2010 show, the bitch is back youtube video, actually this watching this video this song could suit katie waissel, will she get he votes to avoid the bottom 2 this week?.

elton john The Bitch is Back youtube video

The Bitch Is Back lyrics the song katie waissel is singing this saturday elton john themed show