Sunday, 7 November 2010

Katie Waissel song Don't Give Up On Me lyrics video

Katie Waissel song Don't Give Up On Me lyrics video, katie waissel song for survival in last night's bottom 2 on 7th november 2010 was don't give up on me, i don't think i had ever heard this song before and katie waissel was quite dramatic through this song appearing to break down and stop singing through parts of the song but katie waissel managed to survive for another week after being in the bottom 2 a total of 3 times now.

and i think katie waissel said something like "you know what sod it" while sitting down and singing the rest of the song don't give up on me, not sure if katie waissel had forgot some of the lyrics as she had not had long to learn the song either.

but katie waissel is now being called the drama queen which i don't think she minds, but needs to practice her bottom 2 songs a bit more though did quite well in the end when singing the song don't give up on me.

Katie Waissel "Don't Give Up On Me" for survival - Live Results Show 5 X Factor 2010 the bottom 2

please don't give up on me lyrics the song katie waissel was singing on the x factor sunday night results show 7th november 2010.