Saturday, 27 November 2010

katie waissel song 27th november 2010 your is on fire x factor rock theme

"The X Factor 2010: A lover of rock, Katie is much more comfortable this week - especially after not being in the bottom two last week! With seemingly a different look this week - how will rock chick suit her?"

(updated with the songs katie sung) katie waissel song 27th november 2010 your is on fire x factor rock theme, katie will look to stay in the competition this week but will be difficult as it is a double elimination this weekend on the x factor rock themed show.

but katie waissel should be happy to have got so far in the contest after some very close calls of nearly leaving the contest a few times.

so tonight one of the songs katie waissel is singing on the rock themed x factor show for the 27/11/2010 is the kings of leon track your is on fire, which was quite a popular song sung on last years x factor show by jamie archer.

i can't find what other song katie waissel is singing on tonight's x factor programme as tonight all the x factor contestants get to sing two songs each.

if katie waissel can get the same responses jamie archer got on last years x factor then she might stand a chance to stay in though it is going to be getting more and more difficult for all the acts now, as there is fewer x factor finalists left now and it being a double elimination on tonight's x factor edition.

The X Factor: The X Factor 2009 - Jamie Archer - Auditions 2

The X Factor 2009: Jamie Archer AKA Jamie Afro has never had his chance to break into music, despite it being a lifelong dream. Will he get that chance today?

the lyrics to the kings of leon song your is on fire katie waissel will sing on tonight's x factor rock themed show for the 27/11/2010.

kings of leon your is on fire lyrics