Saturday, 13 November 2010

katie waissel saturday night alright for fighting lyrics 13/11/2010

katie waissel saturday night alright for fighting lyrics 13/11/2010 x factor song, will katie waissel be safe for another week after already being in the bottom 2 three times now?, i think katie waissel has a chance to stay in the show, but a prediction might end up in the bottom 2 with paije, that's what i think might happen on this sunday's results show.

but anyway i thought this was a good performance by katie waissel on the elton john themed show this saturday night.

The X Factor 13 november 2010 Katie Waissel sings Saturday Night alright for fighting elton john theme songs X Factor Live show 6 youtube video

"The X Factor 2010: Katie had a tough week last week, being in the bottom two yet again, and having lots of negative press, but that's not going to stop her going out on stage to have the time of her life! Singing Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting - can Katie recover from last week?"

here are the lyrics for the song katie waissel was singing on this saturdays x factor 13 november 2010 live show.

elton john saturday night's alright for fighting lyrics

ELTON JOHN Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting) youtube video

Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)