Monday, 1 November 2010

katie waissel and matt cardle x factor 2010

katie waissel and matt cardle, matt cardle needs to stop being nasty to katie waissel, if they have disagreements then keep them to themselves, all matt is doing is being nasty by spreading stories to the news about katie waissel, matt cardle should keep his opinions to himself and stop being nasty to katie who is under a lot of stress.

the media seem to want to hype the fallout between katie waissel and matt cardle, whereas they should not be doing this as the x factor is a talent contest and not a show where thwy should try and put people down.

i am disappointed with matt cardle if he really is spreading all these news stories about katie waissel, as i think it is a underhand thing to be doing, and matt would be making himself look bitchy by doing this, when he should just keep his mouth shut and concentrate on the singing, that's when matt needs to open his mouth when he is singing and not to rip into other contestants.