Tuesday, 30 November 2010

cheryl cole gets american x factor 2011 judges place

cheryl cole gets american x factor 2011 judges place!, cheryl cole has landed the highest profile showbiz judging job, by being given the go ahead according to some sources to be on the new american x factor 2011, the usa version of the x factor uk.

though it is said that american x factor show is shown on the run up to christmas by some sources, but would that not clash with the uk x factor show in 2011?, as the uk x factor show runs up to christmas as well.

i would of thought that american x factor should of run through the summer time and then uk x factor would of followed when the american x factor 2011 had finished running in 2011, with the uk x factor showing at its usually time of year like it has this year, after the united states version of x factor had finished.

X Factor Special: Cheryl vs Cheryl

Edited by Darren Dutton (@darren_dutton on twitter). Cheryl auditions herself in this new clip, otherwise known as the disappointing follow-up to the Stephen Fry on Wagner video I made. I hope you enjoy it at least 73% as much. This is the last X Factor mash-up I'm doing (until the next one). Special credit to my wife Zoe who made some brilliant suggestions.