Tuesday, 2 November 2010

cher lloyd turn my swag on lyrics

cher lloyd turn my swag on lyrics, and full version of the video amazingly this video has had 9 million views on youtube, and it is better actually watching it back on youtube, sometimes these auditions from x factor don't always seem as good the next time you watch them but this is a really good x factor audition of turn my swag on by cher lloyd.

its very funny at the end of this video where louis walsh has a joke with cheryl cole and goes you have got to fight fight fight to have cher lloyd in your category because simon cowell will want her, hilarious, right at the end of the video with the louis walsh joke.

The X Factor: Cher Lloyd's X Factor Audition (Full Version)

The X Factor 2010: 16-year-old Cher is nervous about her audition, but much to everyone's surprise - she has her own unique style and lots of confidence. With the audience on their feet in support, will the judges agree? See more at

cher lloyd turn my swag on lyrics video

cher lloyd singing turn my swag on lyrics, the keri hilson lyrics for turn my swag on, i think cher lloyd might sing this in the final of the x factor at a guess.